About Us


Joel Cohen is a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati where he studied pre-med for one year and finance for 3 years. Upon his arrival into the finance world he entered the All American Analyst Competition and become the overall winner of the undergraduate portion taking him to New York with an appearance on CBNC (Joel on CNBC). Soon after that he went on to found the UC Stock Club where he taught students how to properly save and invest for the future. He would later move into the “trading” world and with some assistance create what is known as TickerJunkie today. TickerJunkie was created because there is still a great divide in the trading world. He always practices education first and knowing the importance of cutting losses quickly and taking your profits when you have them. His philosophy of “Give a man a trade and you feed him for day. Teach a man to trade and you can feed him for a lifetime.” is at the forefront of what TickerJunkie is all about. He has studied and traded for over 3 years before he founded TickerJunkie where he wishes to continue his teaching and help all those who are curious or have struggled with trading to become profitable.


Giuseppe Speranza graduated in 2011 from Baruch College (of the City University of New York). He holds a dual bachelor’s degree in economics and corporate communications. In 2009, Giuseppe started investing in the stock market and successfully made enough returns to allow him to travel across the world for five months upon graduation. This is when he realized the freedom the stock market can provide and immediately fell in love. Giuseppe then started his career on Wall Street as an investment banker in the summer of 2011 at Barclays. He also worked at two other global investment banks in New York. After seven years working and interning in finance, Giuseppe decided to pursue one of his other passions – mentoring and coaching. He currently works at a non-profit organization, training college students to successfully land full-time jobs and internships in the investment banking industry. He founded a non-profit organization, which focuses on personal development, and holds a number of leadership roles within his community. At Ticker Junkie, Giuseppe is responsible for the marketing and business development efforts. He brings together his passion for the financial markets and coaching to deliver Ticker Junkie members the best day trading educational experience.


Ryne Domingo is a senior at the University of Cincinnati studying Business Information Systems. He became interested in the stock market early on and did most of his early learning through many hours of online research as well as jumping right into the cash market. Along this journey Ryne joined UC’s stock club, and met the club’s president, Joel Cohen. After meeting up outside of club, and eventually putting the stock-talk to the side, Tickerjunkie.com was born. Tickerjunkie was originally for those specific to UC’s stock club, but after experiencing a learning gap in affordable content it became public. Ryne’s vision for Tickerjunkie is a community at which an intrigued and hardworking individual can become a profitable trader within the markets. Ryne enjoys watching and reading up on the markets daily as well as analyzing pharmaceutical companies. Ryne heads Tickerjunkie’s technology and operations, if at any time you have feedback/suggestions please reach him at: ryne@tickerjunkie.com.