Thursday, August 22nd

August 21, 2019By JoelHomepage

As we near the end of the week remember to look for activity. This week has been incredible for breakout names such as $RBZ $CETX $LEDS $JAGX $BASI $SGRP and many more, but if you fail to lock in gains and overstay your welcome the traps are coming late day. Last week we saw massive … Read More

Monday August 19th, 2019

August 18, 2019By JoelHomepage

With the Summer months drawing to a close and several names such as $RKDA $SINT $PSTV heating up it is time to get back to business and look to finish what has already been a great year. Remember to trade with a plan and trade what you see. The past several months have been incredibly … Read More

Developing your System

March 31, 2019By JoelArchive, Blog Posts, Homepage

For those who have studied Henry Ford, they already know he was one of the original founding fathers of “system” solving to make life easier. Those that don’t know, he was the first true industrialist to systemize the assembly process in order to increase productivity. When he achieved this feat with the Model T production, … Read More