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Signing Up FAQ

I am now a Pro or Academy member, where is the live chat?

While logged in on desktop, the exclusive live chat will be visible on the TickerJunkie Pro page (while logged in as a Pro/Academy user). There will be three different chats, Alerts, Public, and Swing chat. Enter your TickerJunkie username if prompted.

I just signed up for TickerJunkie Pro/Academy, why can’t I access the tools?

Each member is manually changed over to a pro/academy role within the website. Upon signup, an email will be sent to Ryne to activate your account. Activation can take anywhere between 15minutes and 12 hrs

Where do I sign up for TickerJunkie Pro or TickerJunkie Academy?

In the menus above hover over “TJ Pro” and select the menu option “Upgrade.” Once on the Upgrade page, below the features and benefits charts there will be a Paypal button for either the Pro subscription or the Academy subscription. The Upgrade page is also accessible directly through this link: www.tickerjunkie.com/upgrade

Technical FAQ

How do I change my username in the chat?

In order to change your username, please contact Ryne at ryne@tickerjunkie.com and state your accounts current username/email on file as well as the username you would like it to be in chat.

How do I get the exclusive live chat on my mobile device?

Our chat is powered through the app “Telegram”. Telegram can be found on both the Google Play store and the iOS store. For more detailed instructions on how to link the device visit: www.tickerjunkie.com/link/ (while logged in as either a pro or academy member)

I am attempting to enter a message on the chat, but it doesn’t send.

Please go into your browser’s settings and enable the following (assuming you are using Google Chrome):

This solution worked for me, after making the changes close the browser and reopen. Please let me know via email if this solution did not work for you ryne@tickerjunkie.com. Thanks!

Informational FAQ

I am attempting access the livestream, but it’s only showing a recording from the other day.

The livestream’s URL is manually changed before the start of each event whether that be live trading or a webinar, if Joel is live refresh the TJ Pro page and the livestream should then be up to date with the newest URL.

What is this chat box to the left of the livestream?

The purpose of the separate chat box is for alerts put out by Joel throughout the day.

Where is last night’s webinar under the Video Archive?

Due to the nature of our webinar recording quality, the video takes up to 24 hours to process. The videos are posted ASAP.