Several names and ideas to watch as we approach Friday.

Nice ER and even better reaction to the numbers ( ) as this is already testing $3.00 with strong bid support. Not something one needs to chase but continue to watch these names as volume could be creeping into them.
Earlier we mentioned $MARA trading in the $1.60’s after $NETE $DPW and others. $NETE continues to trap and wouldn’t surprise me to see it moving even higher into tomorrow especially if it gaps with any strength. $MARA however, looking for $2.25+ if volume remains on the rebound.
Keeping a close eye on that technical bounce. $4.00 is trigger level and all that matters. Breakout and push, or failure to launch. Trade the action as it arises.
$CGA fresh 13G AH ( showing new 19.5% stake. $6.15 is the 200DMA but room all the way towards $8/$10 in the right hands especially given the float and rotation on this name.