$GNMX – Due Diligence

Very intriguing look moving into the second half of 2018. I will not dive into too many details but try to keep it fairly simple and straight to the point. They have an experienced management team with experienced and successful drug developers, demonstrating. leadership in making novel therapies available for patient care.

On top of their near $40M cash on hand that will continue to fund them until 2019, they have a robust pipeline strong interim updates.



Topline data is due relatively soon which makes this interesting especially given the efficacy trail numbers on their AEVI-001-202. https://aevigenomicmedicine.gcs-web.com/static-files/819491dd-b615-4daf-87aa-fcb335dd0f5f.

In a quick overview and piecing it all together $GNMX has a great looking chart. Not only are they pushing higher but they have had two solid days in one of the worst Thursday-Friday closes in over 5 years. Almost all indicators are breaking out of downtrend moves which should continue to dictate the direction of this name in coming days & weeks. As most know the chart usually helps determine the direction of a name and $GNMX has one heck of a chart, regardless of market condition. Additionally, they are well funded with cash resources estimated to fund operations into early 2019 and even with two possible trial results in the near future. Prelim data does look positive and encouraging for both AEVI-001 as well as AEVI-002. The icing on the cake is we have seen large insider adding all of 2017 which could easily help to push this name higher and possibly even into the large gap that is hanging overhead for $GNMX.

Over, $2.67 which should act as the first measured move ($2.95/$3.56/$4.22) are all possible as $GNMX attempts to fill the gap.