IGC is developing a product portfolio of phytocannabinoid-based therapies through leading-edge research for the treatment of a wide range of therapeutic indications. These include neuropathic and cancer pain, epilepsy, end of life supportive care, adjunctive supportive therapies of chronic neurological and oncological diagnosis, which are life-altering or life-threatening.

Management Team 

As with any great team and especially when it comes to stocks, the leadership team is crucial for success. No matter how blockbuster your technology is, without a strong team to direct the progress very little is every accomplished. The CEO, Ram Mukunda is responsible for the Company’s thrust into medical cannabis. He has spent the past four years studying the medical cannabis industry and has assembled an impressive team of advisors with deep backgrounds in immunology, neurology, plant genomics, cannabis metabolism, and extraction technologies. For this reason and many others, it is always insightful to have a CEO who can visualize the future direction of medicine and that is largely in the medical marijuana field. We will touch upon this subject in graver detail later on but know this is a strong leap for a company to take unless you are truly convinced of the outcome. The remaining team all have great resumes with a plethora of experience. I will let you visit and read up on them if you would like, each one more impressive than the last. http://igcpharma.com/team/


Product/ Pipeline

I think it would be careless on my part to touch on the products offered without diving into some background information that helps connect many of the dots that 95% of the world fails to notice. Medical marijuana has been used for thousands of years with some of the most ancient discoveries in China during 2700 B.C. In ancient times, this cannabis plant was used to alleviate pain and treat various conditions. This would then spread across the globe to India, Europe, Spain, North America etc. As one can clearly see medicinal marijuana has been around for centuries in order to help alleviate pain and treat certain sicknesses but has only recently due to money and power reasons been viewed upon as a criminal activity. As more and more officials and representatives continue to open their eyes to the ever-changing power this plant offers it is only a matter of time before it is legal in all states and around the world. Not only for medical reasons but also fiscally as it would be stupid to waste billions of dollars in profits (I mean taxes….) Below are several links to articles involving the legalization of marijuana of which there are thousands more. The eventual when not if statement can be inserted here if you would like!

Now that we know some history and updates about the direction of medicinal marijuana what is it that IGC specializes in and why are they so attractive? For most, I’m sure you know this name as a blockchain mover. Although this is a true statement, it takes away from who they really are which is a cannabinoid company. With that being said they are already deep in the works on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Chronic pain, PTSD and Eating disorders.

Let’s start with one of the most prevalent diseases that have yet to find a cure, Alzheimer’s disease. For anyone who has ever experienced a family or friend go through this disease, it is terrible and can be heartbreaking. Alzheimer’s is a complex neurodegenerative disease that is a Protein Misfolding Disease (PMD) that is believed to account for 60% to 70% of dementia. PMD is recognized in other chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, cataracts, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease and others. Alzheimer’s starts 20 to 30 years before many of the more severe neurodegenerative symptoms like dementia manifest. Broadly, there are two classifications of Alzheimer’s: Early Onset (EOAD), and sporadic Alzheimer’s. About 1 to 5% of all Alzheimer’s cases are considered early-onset Alzheimer’s (eFAD, EOAD).  It is determined by a defect to chromosome 14. The remaining 95% of cases would be known as Sporadic Alzheimer’s and is not linked to genetics. Some of the prevalent theories for the etiology of Alzheimer’s that are currently pursued by scientists are: a) Aβ amyloid cascade hypothesis, b) Tau protein hyperphosphorylation, and c) mitochondria cascade hypothesis, among others.

This creates several different markets for IGC to take advantage of. In 2017 Medicare and Medicaid alone are expected to spend over $200 billion on people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  The cost of Alzheimer’s has increased significantly and is expected to continue to surge higher.  The number of people is predicted to double over the next 20 years and the direct costs are projected to reach $1 trillion per year.  There is still no accepted cure for this horrific disease.The findings go much deeper.  For example, they have been shown to restore short-term memory in vivo, reduce hyperphosphorylation of tau protein in vitro, clinically shown to reduce Alzheimer’s related anxiety, sleep disorder, and other symptoms.  http://hyalolex.com/ If the patent is granted, they will own a significant therapeutic pathway by which THC in combination with another molecule interacts with the human body. We believe the pathway has enormous potential in treating Alzheimer’s disease and its endpoints.

Moving further down the road they have already applied for patents involved in the Chronic pain, PTSD and Eating Disorder market. I could touch upon each of these areas as I did above or you could look at them yourselves and read into what IGC is attempting to do. Each of these spaces still remains largely untreatable by modern medicine and only proven effective by cannabinoid products.



With all of that fantastic information digested the golden question that is usually asked is where are they heading and how will they get there. Well, rest assured that they are working diligently at breaking into these billion and also soon to be trillion dollar markets. This offers huge potential for IGC once Medical Marijuana is passed in all states and proper testing can be done nationwide. Below are some future milestones for the company as they continue to work and creating products that have revolutionary potential.



Overview and Direction 

Now that you have all the pieces to the puzzle let’s break everything down and recap one more time. They are a leader in the cannabis-based combination therapy space. They are first to bring cannabis-based Alzheimer’s medication to patients in select medical cannabis states in the U.S. as well as first to acquire patent-pending research from the University of South Florida (USF) for Alzheimer’s. (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/india-globalization-capital-files-patent-110000598.html)India Globalization Capital anticipates medical trials in 2018 for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s cannabis-based formulations all while holding a deep portfolio of products for pain, epilepsy, and eating disorders.

With so much going on they are truly on the offensive to tackle many goals in the coming months as well as years heading into 2020. With their robust pipeline including Hyalolex, Seroscape, Caesafin, and Natrinol there is no shortage of work to be done.

As stated by India Globalization Capital, “We have three major goals for 2018 a) launch Hyalolex in 10 states, b) finalize and launch Serosapse for Parkinson’s, and c) substantially reduce or eliminate debt.  Our Alzheimer’s product, Hyalolex, an industry first, is progressing as planned.  Our work on formulation and packaging is complete and we expect initial commercialization as a Complementary Alternative Medicine sold via licensed medical dispensaries in select states in the near-term, as we strive to help those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects over 5.5 million in the U.S, and along with associated dementia costs the economy around $260 billion. We remain confident in the value of our phytocannabinoid therapy portfolio as we look to address key indications in the emerging medical cannabis industry.”

Looking at all the factors it is tough to ignore where this name could be heading. In the past, it has been known for its involvement with blockchain and that will not change. However, the play here is the emerging medical cannabis industry. This is a Billion and soon to be Trillion dollar industry of which they already have one foot in the door. As they continue to receive patent approval and are able to soon capitalize on these products it will be quick before they are starting to generate consistent profits adding to their bottom line and eliminating all debt.

The most recent run took this towards $1.50 but I think even that might be low balling the future potential of this name. I do believe and will continue to pound the table that medical marijuana will be one of the biggest “themes” we will see in coming months/years. Once $IGC is able to clear $.80 in the near-term $1.00/$1.50 and eventually $3.50+ are possible on the move higher. This will take time and some hard work from the management team but if there is any company poised for massive success & growth within this industry it is $IGC. If you would like to discuss and details please feel free to message me! Happy trading all and may the odds be ever in your favor.