With the Summer months drawing to a close and several names such as $RKDA $SINT $PSTV heating up it is time to get back to business and look to finish what has already been a great year. Remember to trade with a plan and trade what you see. The past several months have been incredibly slow especially in nano world so it is nice to see flow picking back up!

$PSTV was last weeks monster mover thanks to ER. Keep an eye on this low float name heading into tomorrow for possible continuation given the short trap.
$LIFE is another low float name trading with cash tons of cash and a decent pipeline. This name has failed many times in the past, however, this market environment is primed for R/S & Bio names to perk 100% or more. Over $3.10 room for a strong breakout move.
$HEPA is another name to keep on high watch. The $2.00 bounce thanks to $SINT $PSTV sympathy worked well but this is a sub 1M float with little resistance until $3-$4 area so watch for this to become an early continuation name in the am session.
$SGRP has been an ER stud for several quarters now ( https://finance.yahoo.com/news/spar-group-announces-financial-results-200500913.html ). This name had a strong close on Friday and looks ready for a strong second leg over that $1.00 area towards $1.10/$1.25 as possible near-term targets.
$TROV has been a on strong breakout move since Thursday of last week. The first true resistance test is quickly approaching at $2.18 (50DMA) however, keep an eye if volume continues towards that next target. Trade the resistance break and don’t get caught if it fails to clear resistance.