As we near the end of the week remember to look for activity. This week has been incredible for breakout names such as $RBZ $CETX $LEDS $JAGX $BASI $SGRP and many more, but if you fail to lock in gains and overstay your welcome the traps are coming late day. Last week we saw massive flow in names such as $RKDA which were able to perform multi-day moves. That is simply not the case this week, however, we continue to see multiply nearly 100% movers each day so focus on activity and look to execute.

$AESE is nothing to double blink at. This chart as well as the gaming sector is primed for a massive reversal so keep this on high alert especially given the bullish engulfing close. Not much resistance all the way towards $9 so anything can happen if the algos trigger and decide to send it flying.
$XBIO is a low float bio name looking to bottom. Similar to what we saw in $RBZ $RHE today keep an eye, especially with some minor AH activity taking place.
$RKDA something to watch given the volume today. $7.15+ shows impressive strength and might work back toward high around that $10 level.
$OXBR might still be early but a golden cross is in the works, especially if it gets a close over $1.00. This low float name has a history of making moves so watch for breakout activity towards $1.34/$1.72.
$SINT on watch for a bottom bounce over $1.60 support.