$OSN has recently been a breakout name but given the candle and activity late last week I would not sleep on this name. Chart showing even more upside if shorts continue to get trapped and worked in this range. Possible breakout towards that $5.00+ area on continuation.
Solid Friday activity as this squeezed from the $4.00’s all the way towards $7 in AH trading. Monday will be interesting as we haven’t seen a 2-day spike name recently able to hold gains. $6.45 is key support or break level. Under that it becomes very heavy but watch for possible gap that gets sold into at the beginning of the day. Stay nimble given float and rotation taking place here.
Still some lawsuit litigation’s out there for $VERB but the chart is setting up for possible tech reversal and that is worth mentioning. Over that $1.25 breakout is key level to keep an eye on.
There aren’t many pure play names for Hurricane Dorian which is expected to reach landfall today/tomorrow. However, after recent interviews with new board members and CEO this is a close close watch as they deal with clean energy. They have worked in previous storms, blackouts and have talks with congress & gov so must watch at this point for possible deal this week > next.
$EVOK chart continues to grind. $1.04 the key levels now for $1.10/$1.30+ on the measured breakout move. Still working nicely at the $1.00 range.